Upcoming at St. Paul’s


Dunrobin services will restart this Sunday, September 11th with a Communion Service.  We will also return to our regular church hours at St. Paul’s with a Communion service.  Dunrobin at 9:00 am and a service at St. Paul’s at 10:30 am.

We are in desperate need for Sunday School teachers and childcare supervision.  High school students can earn their volunteer hours.  There is a Sunday School program to follow.  Even if you are only able to come in on occasion, we can make up a roster.  A police check is necessary and can be paid by St. Paul’s.

Update From The Soupindipity Committee

The summer sale days at our Repeat Performance Boutique are over.  We can now start planning for Oct. 4th, the start of our Soup and Sandwich Days, the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. We are hoping to get the support from the congregation to continue the pursuit of this popular, well received endeavour. Your assistance in providing a container of homemade soup would greatly be appreciated as this responsibility has mainly been covered by the committee members since Soupindipity’s inception. We can supply containers and some broths. This is a great time to make soup with the abundance of fall vegetables available. Fortunately, now that we have freezer space we can have soups stored in advance. We also need donations of canned red salmon, tuna, ham, mayo, broths or you could donate napkins and dollies.

We are pleased to report our financial contribution to St. Paul’s has been very significant and we have definitely filled a need in our community. Our attendance is growing steadily much to our delight.

Why not join us for a relaxed social time at lunch or volunteer to join our happy kitchen crew. If you can help in any way please contact Hester 839-2171, Cheryl 839-1331, Glenda 470-0137 or any committee member. Thank you

Sunday 11th 9:00/10:30 am Rev. Eileen Hepplewhite Presiding/Regular Service Time Returns/Dunrobin Services Begin/Sunday School Starts/Communion at Both Churches
Sunday 18th    10:30 am Joanne Tanner Presiding
Sunday 25th 9:00/10:30 am Dori Jensen Presiding/Carp Fair Weekend/Dunrobin Service
Sunday 2nd    10:30 am David Patterson Presiding
Tuesday 4th 11:30 am-1:00 pm First Fall Soupindipity /Repeat Performance Clothing
Sunday 9th 9:00/10:30 am Rev. Neil Wallace Presiding
Saturday 15 5:00 pm-7:00 pm Mike Mundell’s Fish Fry at St. Paul’s
Sunday 16th    10:30 am Rev. Neil Wallace Presiding

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