About Us

As the saying goes the Church is not a building it is a people.  St. Paul’s United Church is the people that come together to praise God in our sanctuary; to learn about the Christian faith in our Lounge and Sunday School Rooms; who share Christian fellowship in our spacious kitchen and halls; serve the community and world through their mission work and outreach; and provide our building for the use of the community.

United Church congregants have been meeting in our building since the denomination began and the history of Carp is in large part our history too.  As Carp grows once again, so do we!  It is an exciting time to be a part of this congregation whose mission statement is to be “A friendly community living joyfully in committed Christian service to the local and global community.”  We especially have a love for praising God through music; encouraging children and youth in the faith and helping them when in need; and offering pastoral care to the frail elderly.

We hope you will join us as friends walking in Christian worship and service; deepening our friendships, developing our faith, and playing our part in God’s creative work in the world.

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